The Batmobile is finally in good hands!

The Batmobile is Finally in good hands!


Official innovator, technician and detailer for the Batmobile!

It has been quite a long journey with many disappointing delays. But after weathering the pandemic and over 3 years of different technicians from Ohio to Los Angeles, Batmo has finally found a kindred spirit who shares our vision and honors our mission to serve, while also possessing the skills required to enhance and manage the Batmobile. And he’s right here in Monterey!

Meet Jimmy Alconaba – a highly skilled auto detailer and technician by day, but in secret is actually the creative genius and innovator who is in the process of envisioning and finalizing numerous new top secret features and enhancements for the Batmobile so it can finally begin serving our community again later this year.

We will be announcing BATMO & Batmobile appearances on our Events page as soon as dates and locations are confirmed. Stay Tuned!

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