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All Grown Up! – A Beautiful Reunion

Halloween 1997

After getting the second Batmobile, I took it down to Mission Fields in Carmel to hand out candy to the kids during a Halloween event. After an hour or so, I had run out of candy and was ready to return to the Batcave.

Just as I was about to get into the Batmobile a young couple dressed as Batman charaters came running up to me with their 4 year old son, who was also dressed as the Batman. He was adorable. The parents told me how much he “needed” to see the “real” Batman. They had driven down from Seaside so their son could see the Batman!

I looked at this precious child and he looked up at me, then suddenly lunged on my leg hugging it and saying: “I love you Batman.” This brought tears to my eyes as well as his parents. I feel that children know the generous Heart of the Batman when they watch Batman cartoons. So, this sweet child offered his Love. I reached into the Batmobile and pulled out a plush Batman doll that I had kept there in case of an emergency!

Well, this certainly was one!

The little boy was thrilled and thank the Batman over and over again.

April 2018

One afternoon when I was shopping at Whole Foods, a couple approached me as I was leaving the store. They stopped me and asked; “Are you the Batman?”

I said, “I have not been called that for years.”

The wife said: “We have never forgotten you, Batman.”

Then a young man stepped forward from behind the couple,…it was their son, the 4 year old who hugged my leg so many years ago. He gave me a big bear hug saying: “You have no idea, I will never forget you! I still have the Batman doll you gave me.”

This was such an honor.

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