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Why Batman?

The Why

As an American cultural icon, Batman has garnered enormous popularity and is among the most identifiable comic book characters. What sets Batman apart is his humanity – he is not superhuman, Batman took his wealth and selflessly used it to serve the oppressed. Bruce Wayne disguised himself as the Batman seeking to do a great deal of good without anyone knowing it was him. He uses his wealth wisely to be of service to others in need or who cannot help themselves. Through Batman, Bruce Wayne shows us that we can become something great, something of our own choosing that can make this world a kinder place to live.

Batman is an enigmatic being who appears whenever summoned to help others find the strength and courage to stand up to life’s challenges. He’s represents the human spirit’s ability to overcome adversity by conquering fear through kindness, compassion and mercy.

The Batmo project is being created with the same intent – for those who understand the original spirit of Batman. Batman works tirelessly to help those who cannot help themselves. Hence, this Batmobile will be dedicated to all children, no matter how old they may be, who need a hero who fights for truth, justice, kindness and generosity in our community.

Help children with life-threatening medical conditions
An amazing experience with Batman not only takes the child’s focus off of their illness for awhile, but has the power to make the child feel energized and more courageous in dealing with their illness.

Help local family and children services with fundraising
Batmobile appearances promote more attendance at local fundraisers to help increase donations and support for community services that assist families and children.

Provide a unifying element in our community
The Batmobile has long been missed in our community as evidenced by numerous encounters with people who recognize Greg and ask when Batman will return. The Batmobile is a unifying point of interest where young and old gather together
and share fond memories….while making new ones!



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